How do I switch to Sirius from my factory radio?

Press the 'XM' or 'SAT' button until your factory radio shows XM1 or XM2.  These are the 2 satellite radios preset bands.  Each XM1/XM2 allows for 6 Sirius Radio presets on your factory radio.  You can go back to AM/FM or CD button pressing the approprite buttons. Since XM is programmed into your radio, it will still continue to show XM1 or XM2 but Sirius Radio channels and programming will be available.

What will it say on my Factory Radio while its Playing?

This interface is capable of displaying Text from Sirius on its factory radio display, the following info will be displayed on your factory radio

Here are the operating instuctions for the XM Radio:

1.) Select Sirius by pressing the “SAT” or "XM" button until XM1/XM2 comes up on your radio display.

2.) You can change channels by pressing the Tune  >>/<< buttons or with the Tune Knob (if equipped)

3.) Preset Set 1-6 will allow you to preset Sirius stations into the memory of the radio. Just go to the station you would like stored and hold down (About 2 seconds) the Preset number you want it stored in.  You have 2 bands to set presets on - 12 total.  To go to a stored preset just press a preset you want (for less than 2 seconds). 

4.) Pressing the "SAT" button again will allow you to access 6 more presets on XM2.  

5.) The "DISP" button changes what is displayed on the radio. The options are Station Number, Station Name, Artist, Category Name or Track Name. On Navigation Radios everything will be displayed at the same time. If you hold the DISP button for 10 seconds you can turn on Category mode. In category mode you can change the Sirius category (Rock, Sports, Entertainment, etc..) with the seek <</>> buttons.  

6.) The "SCAN" button will scan thru the Sirius stations.  It will allow you to hear a breif sample of each station until you find the one you want.

If you would like to know anything else about this interface, E-mail us @ sales@integrationsolutions.net  or call us at 214-306-8031 we will answer any questions you might have.